Evening Rain

My first love.

It was truly magical.

I’ve had my happiest days.

Bike riding on Saturday mornings. Laying on a grass and blowing dandelions. Going on dates, eating lots of food, exchanging corny jokes… making up.

The kissing, the pecking — they’re all fun! Fun, especially for a young boy like me. We loved each other like we’re the only people in the entire planet.

Until one night, we were out on our usual evening stroll when the rain came. She held my hand as we ran, tugging me along not knowing where to go. We found an abandoned house and we broke inside. We were laughing thinking that we just committed a felony.

All of a sudden she grabbed my butt and pulled me closer. She kissed me, and we made out, there in a spooky house, with the rain and thunder providing the romantic music.

She removed my shirt and unbuttoned my pants. I also helped her undress. When the lightning struck, I could see her angelic face, the lips as soft as the first time I kissed them. The eyes that sparkle even with just a hint of illumination. I picked strands of wet hair on her cheek and tucked them behind her ear then I rubbed gently her jaw. She leaned towards my hand as she closed her eyes. She was perfectly beautiful, and she was mine.

We kissed again and I picked her up with her two legs clamped around my waist. I carried her towards the table in the corner where I laid her down. I asked her “Are you ready?”

She just smiled and pulled the back of my head towards her face so our noses touched. I savored the smell of her breath. I can feel her heart racing. Then, I kissed her again and the sweetness of her lips brought warmth to my neck down towards my back. The lightning and the thunder grew even louder and the rain kept pouring hard. It was a beautiful night made only for the movies.

I was lost in the world and felt like I was swimming in the abundance of love. The passion between us was so intoxicating. When her hand traces my spine, I can feel a tinge like an energy ready to explode. In the heat of the moment, there was no turning back.

I pulled up and gasped for air. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Nothing,” I responded. I paused.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met and I am so very happy that you’re mine. But, I don’t think I am ready. You see…”

She put her fingers on my lips. “Sshh… You really don’t need to explain,” she said. “I understand. We’ve had this conversation many times before.” Then, she kissed me with the assurance that everything was okay.

We both dressed up. The rain has also started to let up. I saw her standing by the window, brushing her hair with her fingers, staring outside with her deep thoughts. I came from her behind and embraced her. For a very long moment, we just stood there. Fingers interlocked as my arms enveloped hers. While no words could escape from our lips, the intimacy made the night perfect.


This fiction was a musing of the mind written a year ago.


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