A Pillar of Cloud


A towering figure that looks on to endless oceans, perpetually illuminating our way to True North.  A lighthouse stands tall through the rocky waves brought by life’s storms, a fortress for wary boats seeking guidance and refuge.  A steady light in the darkest hour.

In many instances of life, I feel like a lighthouse.  Giving of myself to everyone that crosses paths with mine, exhibiting strength and vigor.  Unselfish.  Generous.


Yet, only those who really peer through can gain a glimpse of the emptiness inside.  A door can lead to an empty hollow.  Devoid of life.  Longing for friendship.

Step inside.  Come and see.

Sometimes, a lighthouse is just a lighthouse.

A citadel and a bulwark of hope for many, yet for himself he is just standing there. Immovable.  Unshaken.


Relentlessly weathering all the troubles in many nights that linger, the tower is ripened by each day’s new morning.  It will continue to stand there as it has committed itself into being a stronghold, a provider.

A hero.

And, one day in the course of time, in the destined future when God decided it has served its purpose, the lighthouse will pass into unconsciousness.  Yet, it will continue to stand in its ground.  Proud.


I am a lighthouse.

A pillar of cloud by day.

Of fire by night.

And, I have loved well.


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