Facebook is trying to change me.

I have several Facebook friends who are just passionate about what they do. More noticeably, they are really passionate about what they believe in.

And, they try to change me.

I admire those who use the power of words to influence the thinking and behavior of others. There are those whose advocacies are about the plights of the poor, of the marginalized, of the victims of injustices. There are those who share their success stories — in wealth building, in losing weight, in accumulating material possessions and collections, in building the largest sanctuaries.

One thing I learned recently, and I do try to remember from hereon, is this:


So, inasmuch as I used to enjoy Facebook discussions about politics, the military, immigration, gay rights, divorce, and stuff, I believe that people already have their sets of values driven by what they believe in. It is because each people has their own Truth, their own “World View.” This Truth was honed in many years — by experience, by the church, by our parents, our culture and traditions. Sometimes, even education is unable to change the Truth that we are grounded into.

So, when I read people’s thoughts about foreign governments and immigration and politics, I see anger and hatred. When I read people’s claim that President Marcos was The Best President Ever, I see mediocrity. When I see people’s posts of their lean and fit bodies, and their daily workout routines, I see vanity. When I see people’s posts about their brand new church buildings and never get to see pictures of missions, I see misplaced priorities.

And, I don’t like to feel this way. Don’t get me wrong.  I admire these people and their passion.  They have every right to pursue what they think is right, beneficial, good, and, of course, what they think is the Truth.  However, if the intents and purposes are to change me, my beliefs, and my priorities, Facebook as an avenue might not be as effective.

Instead, I continue to *Like* and comment on my friends’ posts about love, relationships, missions, making a difference in people’s lives, going above and beyond in the workplace, enjoying and admiring the nature, and efforts — real actions — that make this world a better place.  Heck, I even like posts about sex if it involves two people who are passionately in love with each other.

Regardless of what our Truths are, we need more Love in Facebook.

And, we need to get out there and do something about it.

This morning, this YouTube video really reinforced my beliefs… my Truth.

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