I went to seawall this morning.

I went to seawall today — very early in the morning wearing just a pair of short pants and a jacket over a shirt. Wife and kids were still sleeping.  I left the house in silence.   It was freezing cold, but I didn’t care. I came to seawall anyway.


While the industrial lights flicker in the far distance on my left and ships begin to queue as they charter the coast, a lonely sea-hawk hovers just above the calm water looking for the fresh catch of the day. She didn’t mind the duck in its morning bath.  The duck didn’t mind the sea-hawk either. I came to seawall at dawn to meet the new day, where the sky on my right begins to come alive with magnificent colors of red that turn orange then yellow.


As the sun slowly eases up, lightening the pale blue sky, herds of puffy clouds parade in synchrony with the cold, gentle wind. The sun, in its shining glorious, reveals himself to this sleepy place, then greets me with a warm kiss on my cheek.


I left my warm, comfortable bed while still dark, carrying with me some of life’s contentions. I came to seawall to meet the sun.  Here he is.  He still shines no matter what.  Morning still breaks the darkness.  Its warmth melts the frigid world.

The sun sees me.  And, he tells me all is well.

The sun sees you, too.


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