The Fairy and Her Magic Wand

There was a little fairy, happily roaming around the fairydom. She has a very special magic wand, made of an oak tree and christened with a unicorn’s hair. Her laughter warms the air and her smile paints the flowers their much-needed color. She jumps, and runs, and skips, and flies hovering from shrub to shrub, racing with the bees, and playing with the hummingbirds. She fuels her energy from the pure air gifted by the trees and the plants. And, with a graceful wave of her magic wand she gives them the sun and the water in return, a fertile soil to nourish their roots, and the birds who make nest on their branches and call it their home.

One day, as the little fairy goes on with her day a strange turbulence of a wary wind bumped her in the air making her lose control. As she spirals down towards the ground she managed to strengthen her wings and with a quick snap she was able to glide smoothly onto a waiting giant mushroom that served as a cushion to an otherwise terrible fall. However, in the midst of the commotion she lost her magic wand. It might have dropped in the deep, green lake beset with naughty alligators.

The fairy was deeply saddened. Still atop the mushroom canopy, she hugged her knees and buried her face in her arms. As she cried and cried aloud the sun hid under the dark clouds and gentle rains slowly drizzled as Earth mourned for this tragedy.

The sobs were carried by the wind all over the fairydom until it was heard by a fairy prince. Startled and intrigued, the prince rode the back of a dragonfly and quickly made a search to where the cries were coming from. As the clouds unleash their power and the downpour getting stronger, the fairy prince made haste evading the lightnings and ignoring the cold. Soon, he spotted her on that big, red mushroom her face unexposed yet her lamentations were well-known. He ordered the dragonfly to flutter nearby and the fairy prince jumped off and approached her. He touched her shoulder and the fairy looked up to see this young, handsome fairy prince.

Eyes now glued to each other, the time seemed to have stood still. The rain stopped and the Earth became quiet. The sun peeked through a small hole behind the cloud and let a tender ray shine on them.

The fairy told the fairy prince what had happened. She told him that without her special magic wand she won’t be able to give colors and hues to the world around them.

Now, the fairy prince is without anything  to offer the young fairy, but he knew exactly what to do. After assuring her that everything will be okay, he hopped on the dragonfly and sped away leaving the fairy dazzled. The fairy prince flew up and up past the clouds, far above the Earth until he reached a place full of floating lotus flowers, all red with yellow floral cores. In the middle of the parade is a different kind of a lotus flower, a white one glowing with sparkles of fairy dusts. The fairy prince moved closer until he was greeted by Her Majesty Fairy the Queen.

The fairy prince pleaded and clamored for mercy for the poor little fairy was all gloomy and melancholy. The Fairy Queen told him there is a way to help this young lad, but it must come with a price. The magic wand that was lost was used to give life. In order for it to be replaced, something must be given in return. Knowing that he had nothing to provide, the fairy prince offered that his wings be taken instead. The Fairy Queen, though bewildered and bemused, gladly accepted the ultimate sacrifice for a fairy. The Fairy Queen placed her two palms together above her head and as she moved them apart a new magic wand has emerged. She handed this to the fairy prince who swiftly flew back down to Earth to where he has left the wistful one.

When he finally arrived, he knelt next to her and on his hands is a new magic wand. This is a very special one because it is purchased with a fairy’s own wings. The fairy was so elated, jumped on her feet, hugged the fairy prince, and touched his back now bare with any wings. She planted a kiss on his cheek and the fairy prince blushed with glee. She held his hand and together they flew around, waving the magic wand, and delivering the gift of new life to all the Earth.


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