A Place Very Far Away From Here

Dear friend:

As I start writing this letter there is really nothing I’d like to say. It has been a while since I last took the time to convert those thoughts I had nursed in my mind into written words for others and myself to see. I have been walking through many crossroads of life, and at times I am forced to make decisions on which roads to turn to.

Right now, all I want to do is to escape to a place far away where I could leave my worries behind and get lost in the beauty of the new surroundings. I can see the pale blue sky with brushes of thin clouds painted across it. The wind ruffles the sea of bluebonnet flowers on the field that boundaries at the foot of the towering mountains on one end and the pebble-ridden beach of a lake at the other. I just want to rest my back on the ground, arms under my head, gaze at the horizon, and get entertained by the flights of the cranes as they majestically declare their presence.

But then, life must go on, in the real world. It is not easy for most of us. As we deal with options, choices, relationships, and responsibilities we are always on the verge of exhaustion. People sometimes fail us. Circumstances are dire at worse. Yet, we manage to march on charged with the eyes on our most prized goal.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we can create a paradise in our own small worlds, in our homes, workplaces, communities, churches, and even in our hobbies. When I spend time with the people I love the most I am submitting myself to a quiet haven where I could free myself up from animosities and doubts and soak myself with their affections. I get immersed in my work and passionately fulfill the duties and responsibilities, even beyond, knowing that I can make a difference. I’d like to be different, because I’d like to leave a legacy. My uniqueness highlights the needs of the world that I could fill. Others’ uniqueness spells out what I am missing and I learn to appreciate the togetherness.

There are hurts and pains around us because of man’s free will. There are also hopefulness because of the Divine Providence’s grace and mercy, though I know I don’t deserve them. Forgiveness is a tough act, but I also know that I won’t deserve it unless I give one.

We are a people with a desire of self-fulfillment. We crave for many things at different intensities in our varying stages in life. For me, I love. I love and I hope to be loved in return. I am thankful for all who have reciprocated it. I am not flawless, but in spite of my blemishes there are those who opted to stand by me and place their arms around my shoulders. At those moments as I close my eyes I see a familiar surrounding on a bright summer day. I place my hand over my chest and feel the warmth of friendship, of companionship, of true love.

Then, I smile.

In kindred spirit,



2 thoughts on “A Place Very Far Away From Here

  1. It takes courage to admit, much more profess one’s shortcomings, frailties, weaknesses, pains, needs, desires and wants. And converting thoughts, doubts and fears into written word for all the world to read, (though in the process making one’s self vulnerable to judgment by others), is a liberating act.

    • It is difficult to be vulnerable because of our efforts of self-preservation, but the value of liberation is priceless. Written words are there for people’s perusal, and I wish they, at least, can get a glimpse of my heart’s content before I am subjected to the weighing scale. We all judge people based on what we see or perceive. True friends stay on in all the seasons of life. Thank you, Manang Armi, for you always see the goodness in me.

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