The Priceless Answer to a Million Dollar Question

A writing challenge from WordPress’ Post-a-Day is this:

Why do you blog?

I can think in my mind of a few friends whom I have bombarded with incessant pleas for them to start blogging. They are brilliant writers I could tell and their ideas are worthy of every single byte in the cyberspace.

Why I shouldn’t blog: For one, I am a public enemy of grammarians and errorists keeping watch of every post, article, status, tweet, and comment out there. English is my second language… actually, third in a literal sense. I have had excellent English teachers in high school and in college, but had seldom used the language in conversational settings. Well, not until only twelve years ago and since then I have realized I have started losing some of my native tongue vocabularies.

Next, I really don’t have much to offer to the world. As a responsible netizen entrusted with membership at several social networking sites, I should be able to contribute something to the well-being of people (and pets, since they also have their own Facebook accounts and blogs now) that I come across with. As they say in the academia, there must be a contribution of a new knowledge. Well, the things that I have that I eventually share online are lessons I learned from my experiences as a husband, father, and a friend. And, sometimes as a colleague. If anyone should get any credit from the articles I post, it should be these wonderful people who bring color to my life and all the shades there are.

Then, why I still blog: I can be persistent that borders nuisance. I may be bored, though I always keep myself occupied with research in between Candy Crush Saga and Scrabble endeavors. But more importantly, because I am saving up treasure that I can bequeath to my kids one day. The blogs that I write are, as I have stated above, experiences of my blessed fatherhood. Every article that I compose (including a couple of poems) are imaginations, expressions, and feelings captured in the heat of the moment.

There was a moment when my daughter Jasmine, then 5 years old, taught me a lesson of gratefulness. When my son Jason came back home on the last day of first grade, I discovered how he was enchanted by the magic of a first kiss. There was a time when I was teaching both of them the value of appreciating their mother for ensuring we always enjoy a delicious meal, they turned the table around and made me realize how they feel love in their day to day lives.

I also remember one night when Jason was sick and his mom was away on a military deployment, I broke in tears while praying to God because I realized that a mother’s touch at a time like that could have been a much more comforting dose of medicine. And, there are those wacky moments when our kids just make our day with their silly innocence.

I blog because I wanted to capture all those wonderful events, the thoughts I had, the overflowing feelings of pride, the musings of the mind, and the joy I have when our house is filled with their noise and laughter.

One day will come when I can wrap all these up in a nice box with a beautiful ribbon. As they open the present, they can bask on all those love, frustrations, glory, loneliness, and happiness that I felt while they were growing up. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get Freshly Pressed. I am not concerned if I only have a small following or don’t ever receive an award.

I blog because of these priceless reasons.


5 thoughts on “The Priceless Answer to a Million Dollar Question

  1. James, anyone who can analyse life, articulate well (as you do) and think broadly while still maintaining a down to earthness and a touch of lightheartedness will have plenty to add to the blogosphere 🙂

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