Unknown Caller

Bzzzzz… bzzzzz…

Bzzzzz… bzzzzz…

I can feel the phone vibrate in my pocket. Now, who could this be?

Unknown number.

Who would call me at this hour? It is five minutes before two in the wee hours of the night. I just came back home from meeting with some friends. I was enjoying a bottle of beer while flipping the remote through infomercials at TV.

Unknown number.

I swiped the arrow right to answer the call.


“James,” a female voice. The line was a little bit static.

“Hello? Who’s this?”

“I… I f-forgive you,” her voice was crackling. It sounded like she’s crying.

“Hello? I can’t understand what you’re saying,” the voice is somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t exactly put a face or a name to it.

“I forgive you…” a soft whimper… then a loud BANG!

The ringing sound of a gunshot echoed in my ears.

“HELLOOO?? HELLOOO? CAN YOU HEAR ME??” my heart was pumping and my mind was racing with so many thoughts. Who is this woman? What does she mean? Do I know her? Is she hurt? Oh, please God! No!! Don’t let anything happen to her!

The call ended.

I jumped off my seat and started pacing across the room trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Who is this strange woman? What does she want from me? What does she mean by that? I tried to revisit all my affairs both personal and professional. I have always been a truthful friend and an amiable colleague. I have never hurt anybody. Is she an ex? The voice didn’t sound like one of the women I dated before. I never even had a meaningless relationship.

Who is this woman? Why was her number not registered on the phone? Could it be an overseas call?

My heart is still palpitating and I can feel sweats breaking all over my body.

“Please God! Please God!” I repeatedly prayed in my mind as I try to find answers to all my questions.

I proceeded to the den, sat down by my desk, and hurriedly shook the mouse to turn the computer monitor on. As the screen gently brightens, a window popped up alerting me that I have a new mail.

I stared at it for a while debating if I should open it or not. My mind was willing but my hand won’t move. I summoned that strength to order my index finger to click on that button that reads “Open.”

Then, a photo of a woman appeared before my eyes. She’s wearing a tan coat, skinny jeans and black boots. Her long, dark hair is pulled up and her face is wryly smiling. It took a few moments before it dawned on me that today is April 18th, 2013 at exactly 2:00 am!

It could not be?! My heart stopped as I felt my cell phone vibrate in my pocket again. My hand was trembling as I reached on that phone.

New text message.

I swiped the phone open, clicked “Read Message.” My jaw dropped, eyes went big and my mind was blown away on what I saw on the screen…


Then, my home telephone started ringing…


WP’s Post A Day Challenge: Unknown Caller


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