Things A Father Would Do for His Children

April 14-20, 2013 is Week of the Young Child with the purpose of focusing the public attention on the needs of the young children and their families and the early childhood programs that meet those needs (

When my active duty wife was on an extended deployment overseas, I was left to care for our two kids. One day (on June 18th, 2011), we went to the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center at Balboa Park in San Diego where we hold membership. While I was taking pictures of them, I realized that…

Some of my favorite things as a father are to be behind them as they build their lives up…


and to cheer for them in their towering glory…


to leap with them in times of elation…


and encourage them in their race of life…


to support them in their choices…


though life may not at all times be wacky and fun…


I will be there to catch them when they tumble and fall.


Because I love them

even if they do not fully understand what love means.

I love them

because many times they show me what I am capable of.

I love them

because God first loved me.


4 thoughts on “Things A Father Would Do for His Children

  1. Beautiful post my friend. You’re family is blessed to have you as their father and husband. Your love for them flows abudantly in this blog. Our children inspires us to be the best that we can be. Wishing you and your family all the best.

    • I am blessed to be trusted to care, love and provide for my family. When our homes are filled with our children’s laughter, we bask into a satisfying feeling that there’s nothing else we would desire. Thanks so much for reading and for such a wonderful comment.

  2. Hi James.What a wonderful depiction of a father’s love.You are truly blessed to have the previledge of caring for your children . I applaud you for putting your own career on hold to let your wife fulfill her love of serving the country we now call our own.I salute you and your wife.Please thank her for her service! Come visit us in Dallas some time.It has been a long time. URUMC will be so glad to see you and to meet your family.Take care.

    • Hi Auntie Bonnie! What a pleasant surprise! Thank you po for stopping by and for those kind words. I miss you all. We would love to come visit Dallas one of these days. I am even pondering of going back there to live once my wife retires from the service (in 9 year’s time, God willing). Please regards to all our friends there.

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