Who Moved My Pushpins?

I am not a clean freak, but I am organized in some ways. I post four weeks worth of schedules in our bulletin board. I make sure they are aligned, centered, leveled and without crumples. All the schedules are neatly tucked with four push pins in each corner with no trace of a wave across the paper.

Sometimes, however, I fail to send an electronic version to other managers and supervisors. So, they come to the office and ask for a copy. When I am not around, they take the schedules from the board, photocopy them and put them back in as neatly and as organized as they found it.

Or, at least they can try!

Even at the corner of my eye I can instantaneously know that someone has “messed up” my schedules.

“Who moved my pushpins?” I would growl in frustration, though everyone knows I am only teasing. I actually don’t mind if my schedules are “not in order.”

And, almost always, there is that one person who would not dare look at you in the eye.

“I knew you would say that!”the culprit would exclaim laughing.

In as much as they love to mess with my mind, I also find funny to mess with other people.

One time, working at another department, my boss took a leave of absence. Our admin assistant decided to prank him by wrapping all his stuff in his office with plastic wrap, desk and chair included. His boss, the director, thought it was a funny idea. So, I helped.

Monday came and he reported back to work. As he opened the door in his office he saw our surprise gift to him. His eyes were big and he was laughing.

Our boss, by the way, just came back from visiting his family at a tragic time when they lost a loved one. Sometimes words would not suffice how we express our sympathy in situations like this. Giving them something to brighten their day is a good way to cheer them up.


WP’s PostADay challenge.

Feature photo credit: babbledabbledo.com

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