Jeopardy Champion: A Story of a Rich and Famous!

That will be the title of a book I intend to write once I earn the right to being a Jeopardy Champion winning hundreds of thousands of dollars and becoming a household name for many years to come!

Until then, I shall continue to record every episode of the game show and showcase my intellectual prowess to my sole, avid fan – my wife!

As Alex Trebek reads each answer, I scream my question – voice in full throttle and fist thrown in the air each time I get it right. And, I am proud to say I have a high rate of correct questions!

One morning I read in the local paper “Alex Trebek of Jeopardy on a USO tour to visit sailors in Yokosuka, Japan.” HE’S COMING!!! I searched for any Jeopardy-esque item in the house, so I could have him sign. There’s that compact disc of a computer game. Yes! But nothing else. I realized I could utilize my training in Boy Scouts and be resourceful. So, I took one of those fancy photo paper and printed his picture. Yes!!

The day of his arrival came. My wife wished me well as she sent me off. The meet and greet took place at one of the clubs on base. I was definitely excited as I was in line to go see him and have a picture taken with him. PICTURE!!! I forgot to bring a camera!!! Darn it!! I see everyone with their cameras and cell phones getting ready to snap a photo of my favorite celebrity. I was using a pre-paid Japanese phone without a camera. Greaaaat!!

We were getting closer and I could see him and his grey hair. This is the real deal! I was second in line when the person in front of me asked me if I could take a picture of him with Alex on his phone. I gave him an evil look (because I was so jealous), but I said “Sure!” Why not? So, I did and took the shot, gave him his phone back and it was my turn.

I guess you could tell I was starstruck because I could not mutter a word to him. With my hands trembling I handed him the CD and the computer printout of his image. He asked for my name and there was no word that came out of my mouth. I cleared my throat and simply told him “J-James”. He chuckled, gladly signed and thanked me. I was motioned by one of the organizers to move. That was it. I still couldn’t believe I left my camera at home!

In the next room, they were holding a written test to try out to be on the show. I took a question sheet, sat down and took the test. I discovered that the questions on the paper were way harder than that on TV. Sweats were pouring down my face as I perused each item. Though I was confident I answered a lot of questions correctly, I still did not make it.

That’s okay. I got to see Alex and had my evidence to prove it. I went home, took a picture of Alex’s memorabilia, and uploaded it on Facebook with a title “Alex Trebek’s visit to Yokosuka.”

More than three years after I posted it on Facebook, I received zero “Likes” and zero comments.

And, there goes my dream of becoming rich… and famous!

Hi! My name is James! I am a Jeopardy Champion – Home Version, and this is my story.

Alex Trebek memorabilia

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