An Afternoon Gaiety

When I picked her up at school today she seemed okay. Actually, she was great! She was excited to tell me (not ask) that she invited her friend to come over to our house tomorrow – her very first visitor since we moved to our new place a couple of months ago.

Jasmine was happy today. And, hungry, too! I offered to serve her a plate of angel hair pasta from last night’s meal as long as she promises to brush her teeth right away because we needed to go to the hospital for her dental appointment.

She finished her food, used the bathroom and prompted me that she’s ready. The three of us (her brother included) left.

After her appointment, I noticed that her energy somewhat has lessened. I thought, well, it might have been a long day for her already. We came back home to do homework, but she was so distracted she couldn’t concentrate much.

I decided to take them out for a drive around the base, so we could survey the blooming cherry blossoms. They’re just beautiful. The warming air, the shortened nights are signs of new lives sprouting everywhere. We picked up their mom along the way.

I glanced in the back of the car and saw Jasmine being quiet. She was getting irritated for a reason I didn’t know. I asked her if she’s okay.

“When are we going home?” she asked instead.

“We’ll swing by the commissary for a bit to grab some veggies.”

She grunted in gentle protest.

At this point I was getting a little worried.

We found a parking spot, parked, jumped off the car, and walked towards the store all holding hands.

We were almost at the entrance when Jasmine suddenly burst in laughter. I looked at her and her face was all bright. Even before I could ask what was going on, she exclaimed, “That’s all I have been wanting to do!”

“Whaaat?” all three of us in chorus.

More laughter that made speaking a little bit of a challenge at this point.

Getting anxious, I wiggled her arm and pleaded, “What was it?”

Finally, she bellowed, “To fart!”


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