Spring: New Life Sprouts

Spring is finally here!

Here in Yokosuka, Japan, that means no more unbearable wind chills. And the best part is the blooming of the sakura or cherry blossom anticipated on the last week of March or first week of April.

Flora and fauna will start to produce new life and flourish. I can already see buds breaking with beautiful young petals peeking at this warming world. Worms and bugs start to climb up from underneath the ground. Animals are waking up from hibernation and can be very hungry. Truly, colors are starting to be painted across mountains, valleys and in our communities.

Colors also transform the theme of our homes. We can see moms changing the curtains and replacing them with flowery ones. Jackets will be stowed away. Many will start Spring cleaning their closets to make more rooms.

Photo I have taken at the Lullwater Park, Emory University, Atlanta, GA on January 2003.

I like Winter, though. It is my favorite season. But, I also like Spring because it generates a different mood in the atmosphere. People seem happier. There is more balance in this earth – both figuratively and literally speaking. The vernal equinox means a more equal night and day.

Easter is just around the corner. After egg hunting activities, we get ready towards Spring break activities. While I won’t get any break from school, my kids are definitely looking forward to it. We will get more opportunities to explore around the area – visit landmarks, museums, parks, the zoos and the flower world.

Several of my friends have lost a loved one this year so far. It has been a terribly dark and sad Winter. But as Spring sprouts new life and as Jesus defeated death, I am reminded that we can look forward when we all rise again with our Redeemer.

Many of us are going through rough times, but I am hopeful that we will pass all the tests with flying colors and celebrate God’s faithfulness.

What do you look forward to this Spring? What are your plans on Spring break?

I have started taking pictures of the cherry blossom trees around the base to trace their progress and I shall be posting them here when they’re in full bloom.


2 thoughts on “Spring: New Life Sprouts

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