What Does Christmas Mean To Me?

What does Christmas mean to me?

It is the beginning of an imminent. The birth of the inevitable. It is when Divine took the utmost humility and lived a mortal life – denying himself of all the godly powers. To minister, to heal, to preach. To be scorned, falsely accused, beaten and killed.

Descendit ad inferos.

To rise from the death. To ascend to the heavens.

All of these to love, to forgive and to restore.

So, what does it mean for me?

Christmas is a time to look forward to the¬†inevitable. That is to choose the right path – the path of righteousness. The way back into God’s love. The road to justification. To the Way, the Truth and the Life. Otherwise, choose damnation.

Christmas is beyond gifts, pageants, sweaters, meals, and asking for presents. It is a self-reflection that Divine went through all of these to fulfill a prophecy that Love will be born and redeem ME back to GOD.

So, all the activities must be focused on things that will glorify GOD because Christmas was the genesis of His ultimate sacrifice. I better stop thinking about myself and things that I can get or benefit from other people. This time, I better think about other people.

Christmas is LOVE.


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