One Day: A Story of Generosity

I had the honor and privilege to work under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Lothair Green at San Carlos United Methodist Church in San Diego, CA where I served as its first full-time youth director. Dr. Green is probably one of the best pastors that I truly admire. His sermons were not only educational but uplifts your spirituality. My wife and her mom, who regularly attended San Carlos with me, continue to give praises to his sermons up to this day.

I also love his sense of humor. When our Director of Music, Gary, was leaving for a stint at a large Roman Catholic church in Florida, Dr. Green prayed during the send off party “Bless him that through his music he may make them Methodists inasmuch as he tried to make us Catholics.”

In 2005, Dr. Green decided to retire. He called me into his office and showed me his books in two large bookshelves and asked me to find a new home them.

It so happened that the library of Wesley Divinity School in Cabanatuan City (Philippines) was destroyed by a fire. I used to stay there when I was in college and its president was one of my favorite college professors.

So, my wife and I gathered all his books and packed them in two huge balik-bayan boxes. Man, they were heavy!

As if his generosity wasn’t enough, he also cut me a check worth $110, enough for shipping expenses.
Several months have passed, Dr. Green has since retired, I received a letter from Rev. Dr. Eugenio Mendillo, WDS President, thanking Dr. Green for the books. It is such a tremendous blessing when a retiring minister’s books are used by upcoming young pastors looking forward to get their feet wet in the service of the Lord. It would not be far from reality if, one day, some of these future pastors will be like Lothair. I forwarded the letter to Dr. Green’s address.On my end, Dr. Green left me a full set of Biblical commentaries hoping that I could find them useful when I enter the seminary one day.
That “one day” is yet to come!

Joyce and Lothair Green enjoying retirement in Maui, Hawaii.


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