Fix My Eyes on You

So easy to overlook Your beauty, and yet You constantly surround me.

In the cool of the morning while the clouds hover above me,

Throughout the day You make Your presence known.

I feel Your warmth in the humidity and the heat of the sun burning my skin.

As I walk on the sand kicking dirt in the air,

Or as I lay down on a lush lawn feeling the earth’s bosom as she breathes.

I listen to the roaring waves of the sea,

And in awe I am amazed at the incredible power.

I look around and fail to recognize You, yet You are there.

Your love is everywhere.

At the summit of Cowles Mountain, 5-6-12.

I hold my daughter’s hand or kiss my son’s forehead.

I watch my wife while she sleeps and take console in her serenity.

The life I have, every breath that I take and give,

Is not only a lease from you, but a testament of Who You Are.

How you could put together all these, a great canvass.

And yet sometimes I still look sideways and never appreciate

The works of Your hand.

I pray that in simplicity of life I may enjoy and appreciate You more.

The earth, my family, and my vision to witness all these.

You, my God, the glory of Your wondrous creation.

Let me fix my eyes on the majesty of Your plans.

Let me love You more, my all in all.

Touch my chin and turn my head towards You.

Remind me that You are the beginning and the end

The Alpha and the Omega of everything and of the time.

You are my reason when I wake up at dawn.

And my satisfaction as I retire at night.


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