Here’s the Tip of the Day!

Aaron Collins‘ story has touched many people and continues to do so. This proves my belief that people are inherently good.

Aaron, who passed away last week, had a wish to give a big tip to a waiter or a waitress. His family fulfilled that wish by tipping a waitstaff of a pizza place during their lunch. See the video here.

Aaron Collins, left, poses with his mother, Tina, and brother, Seth, in this undated family handout photo (photo courtesy of

I currently work in a tipped environment. I don’t accept tips, but the people whom I supervise do. They work hard and are very dedicated to their jobs. Though tips are greatly appreciated, that’s not their motivation. Topnotch service has been ingrained in their work ethics and the relationships they have established with their regular customers are exceptional.

Tips are just one way of saying “Thank you” to those who provide service to us.

My wife and I consider ourselves as good tippers. We usually give between 20-25% tips in the restaurants. When we go to the commissary, we give a minimum of $10 and mostly $20 to our bagger. The biggest tip I have given was a $100 to a Denny’s server, a friend, on her last day at work.

It is not the amount of the tip, but the appreciation that we give. Drop a buck or two when riding the shuttle in your workplace or paying for your food at the cashier. Hand a $5 or $10 bill to the doorman or the valet. Pat them in the back saying “Good job!” and “Thank you!”

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