No Surprises There

When our daughter Jasmine celebrated her 6th birthday last December, we gave her a netbook. She was very happy with her present. When I asked her if she knew what she would be getting, she said yes. Curious, I asked how. She answered confidently, “Because that’s what I wished for.”

She wished for something on her birthday and she was very confident she will receive it. As a father, I would give anything that will make her happy.

How I wish, though, I have the same faith in my Father in heaven. When I pray, I wish I have the confidence that my Father will grant it.

I should never be surprised when my prayers are granted. Just like when Jasmine unwrapped her gift, it was like she knew exactly what’s inside the box. When the day unfolds a granted petition, I wish I could tell to myself that I was expecting it to happen – because I asked it in the name of the Father.

Faith means no surprises. Even though the future is dim, I can already see the rays of hope through the darkest clouds. I can feel healing in the midst of pain. I can smell the sweet scent of victory while I wrestle through challenges.

God holds the future. If “His eyes are on the sparrow,” then I know that “He’s watching over me.” I pray that I may live a life of no surprises. Only confidence through faith.Image


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