Across the Time

Across my mind
scenes of tranquility, mellow
perhaps melancholic
with peaceful sound of the trees, creaks,
leaves clapping, grass swaying,
as water streams down and nudges the rocks,
the cool air kisses my checks
reassuring… comforting.
Across the room
two little souls napping
tranquil, peaceful, innocent.
The purpose of this life
the mission.
Oh, I love them.
Across the miles
a woman I so love
is missed so dearly.
Sending gentle whisper of prayer
in the air, may it fly so quickly
and heavens take joy,
grant her strength each day.
Across the time
absence may have kept the world
stand still, like the earth forgot
how to move,
like the bird suddenly losses appetite
for flight
to soar in the horizon.
What is she thinking about?
Like winter has decided to
stay a little bit longer.
But it is soon going to be over.
Across the time,
we are destined
to each other’s love.
Edited for WP’s PostADay challenge.

10 thoughts on “Across the Time

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  9. Thank you, Gailkav! I wrote this when my wife was on an extended military deployment. I am not much of a poem writer, but sometimes an occasion does this to me. Thanks again!

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