My Lover

This was originally posted as a Thanksgiving Tribute on 11/23/10.

My Lover

The first time I laid eyes on her at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, I was smitten. She was there to visit a common friend and I was there only to provide the transportation.

Somehow since that first meeting, since those first “Hellos” were exchanged, and the stolen glances were committed, a strong affection has sprouted from the deepest within. It was unnerving, unsettling, indescribable, unfathomable. How could it be? I barely knew her. But, it felt like I have already known her and shared a lifetime with from before.

The love at first sight has grown to be my one true love.

Annaliza came into my life and redeemed me in my solitude. I felt her fingers wrapped mine as she gladly joined me in my sojourn in life.  She bore our 2 beautiful offspring and through the births I witnessed the magic of her womanhood. She is my hero with whom I have fallen in love for the 2nd (Jason’s birth) and 3rd time (Jasmine’s birth).

Annaliza, my inamorata, my sweetheart, my lover. We are so different from each other that enables us to discover new things about the other every day. Our differences allow us to maintain our individuality through mutual trust and respect that make our relationship infinitely interesting. We grow together and celebrate each other. Both need not be strong at the same time – only to let one draw strength from the other.

We learned how to tolerate each other’s inclinations – her the theatrical/symphony performances and me the dramas at TFC. She left me alone unperturbed as I chomped off pages of Harry Potter books while I agreed to accompany her to cheer for Tiger Woods when he was playing in town even though I was wearing church shoes and we walked seemingly endless miles of roughs and fairways.

We are both avid fans of NCIS, 24, Alias, Will & Grace, and House, but she thinks I am too weird for liking Six Feet Under, Dexter and Nurse Jackie. She patiently listens to me (or at least pretends to) on my hours of retelling of the events at Lost, Heroes, The West Wing, Commander-In-Chief, V, Glee and Nicholas Sparks books, but I repay that with obedience as I carry her stuff and follow her as she snakes through the isles of clothes and purses when she goes shopping. I must not complain she instructs me so.

Mahal, your kisses are an elixir that captures the youth of time. Your caresses are like the most expensive silk against every contour of my being. Your embrace is a seawall that harbors protection from storm surges. Your smell is a refreshing morning dew. Your smile is an ember that warms a shivering soul. Your voice is like a mint that soothes an anxious spirit.

Thank you, my hero! Thank you for the love that only you can provide. I really appreciate you for taking good care of us – with the nourishment of the delicious meals you so lovingly make, for ensuring we wear only neatly pressed clothes (I still believe that’s the military in you), for always reminding me to go to church on Sundays even when you’re not around, for your brutal honesty that always keeps me in line, and for helping me build certain boundaries to generosity.

And, as the song goes, my love for you grows each day, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow!

I love you!


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