That Stinky Smell That I Love

Originally posted as a Note at on Thursday, December 9, 2010, 10:51 pm, San Diego, California.


Here’s my daily hygiene regimen: floss with Johnson&Johnson Reach, brush with Colgate Total, rinse with Listerine Citrus, shower with Axe Body wash and Caress bar soap, shampoo with Heads&Shoulders, facial wash with Clearasil, shave with Gillette, aftershave with Nivea Q10, when my hair is long (like right now) I use Tresemme mousse, apply Davidoff Cool Water deodorant and cologne and apply Vaseline lotion on my hands. When I wear contacts I use Opti-Free to clean and soak them.

That would take me about 45-minutes. And, for women? You have the idea!

Lots of chemicals in our bodies – chemicals designed to make us feel, look and smell good.

But, you know when the compliment comes? My wife usually tells me I smell good, not after shower, but after sweating. After doing some physical work or workout she would tell me how good I smell. And, thinking about it, I also like her natural scent.

Sometimes, we tend to forget how good Mother Nature smells. We are surrounded with so many chemicals that mask Mom’s natural perfume. We do a lot of extra-natural activities that we tend to overlook how the earth feels.

Here are some of my favorites: the smell of newly cut grass, the salty air, the feel of dirt in between your toes, the damp air in a virgin forest, melancholic sound of stream flowing against rocks, the power of ocean waves, the opera of cicadas, buzz of a bee, the clapping of leaves as the wind passes by, the creaks of the ceiling at midnight, the hoot of Mr. Owl, the annoying bark of a chihuahua, the laughters of children and so on.

What are your favorite things?


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