Food Made With Love

After opening our presents this Christmas morning we proceeded to the table to have some breakfast before we start playing with our toys. Annaliza warmed up some bowls of sopas (soup) for us. Jason asked, “We’re going to eat this again?”

Me: Yes! Mommy made it with love.

Jason: But, I don’t see the love.

Me: It’s there. You can’t see it, but it’s there. You will feel the love as you eat mommy’s sopas.

Jasmine: Is it behind the rice? (Jasmine likes her sopas on top of rice).

Me: Yes! (I assured her).

I was warming some pandesals (sweet dinner roll) for myself when the kids started eating. I wasn’t paying attention much, but I noticed they were saying something everytime they have a spoon of sopas.

Jason: I feel mommy’s long kisses and hugs.

Jasmine: I feel kissing daddy’s shirt.

Jason: I feel going to the movies with my family.

Jasmine: I feel eating hot dogs with my family, with ketchup and sprinkles just like an ice cream (she meant the sweet relish that I liked on my hot dog).

Jason: I feel reading a book and singing songs with mommy and daddy.

Jasmine: I feel popping bubbles.

They went on for a few more minutes.

Annaliza and I just looked at each other and sighed.

You see, love is doing these things – and more – with your family. And, everytime you take a bite of a meal prepared with love, you feel the warmth of these wonderful memories of time spent together.

When you eat dinner made especially for you by someone you love, what do you feel?

Kisses? Hugs? Going to church? Movie nights? Massages? Laughters?

That’s love!


Originally posted as a Note at on Saturday, December 25, 2010, 8:41 am, San Diego, California.


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