While on the edge

For many nights you have been having the same dream. In those dreams, you seldom hear his voice, which is a reflection of the very last phone call you two had, when he was in the hospital a few moments before he passed away, unable to speak, but could only utter, albeit painfully, a hoarse … Continue reading

New Year Letter 2018

After living in Japan for additional 4 years (a total of 7 years on 2 military orders), we were thrown by the US Navy to a small, sleepy town of Jacksonville, NC. Thrown, because while Annaliza was deployed her orders for Okinawa was rescinded and at the very last minute Camp Lejeune became our next … Continue reading

Evening Rain

My first love. It was truly magical. I’ve had my happiest days. Bike riding on Saturday mornings. Laying on a grass and blowing dandelions. Going on dates, eating lots of food, exchanging corny jokes… making up. The kissing, the pecking — they’re all fun! Fun, especially for a young boy like me. We loved each … Continue reading

Autonomy as Psychologically Empowering

(Part III of V) Research studies support Maslow’s Theory that a team member’s autonomy orientation is positively related to his or her psychological empowerment. This autonomy is defined as a person’s “dispositional tendency ‘to be self-regulating’ and to orient toward the interest value of the environment and contextual supports for self-initiation” (Liu, et al, 2011, … Continue reading

Variety and Autonomy Towards Self-Actualization

(Part II of V) Under Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, “human beings aspire to become self-actualizing” and are “motivated by the desire to achieve or maintain the various conditions upon which these (physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization) basic satisfactions rest and by certain more intellectual desires” (Ramlall, 2004, p. 191). Employees are wired to satisfy … Continue reading

Why It Is Important to Find Ways to Retain Employees

(Part I of V) It is undeniable that there are tremendous benefits stemming from tenured employees. Organizations must establish programs to retain employees. It is very expensive when employees leave. Aside from the direct and indirect costs associated with an employee turnover, the organization also suffers from brain drain or the knowledge that is lost … Continue reading

A Pillar of Cloud

A Pillar of Cloud

A towering figure that looks on to endless oceans, perpetually illuminating our way to True North.  A lighthouse stands tall through the rocky waves brought by life’s storms, a fortress for wary boats seeking guidance and refuge.  A steady light in the darkest hour. In many instances of life, I feel like a lighthouse.  Giving of myself to everyone … Continue reading